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Welcome, you are appreciated.

Hello, my name is Mama Troy and I would love to say that I'm so grateful for your visit to my humble site in the making. Over the years, I have earned the trust and loyalty of valuable private clients. That’s because all of my heart, soul, and dedication have been poured into each and every spiritual tool as well as service offered.  They are carefully created to aid my clients on their individual journeys. 

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Yoga of
Self Love
Mama Troy

On my personal journey reflecting through past traumas, remorse, and abandonment issues I have come to find myself. Through the aid of food, yoga, meditation, and homemade spiritual tools I have healed my past emotional and physical pains. I would love to join you on your own personal journey. A mama will always create a safe space for her precious gem to shine. When we meet on the mat is where the healing begins.  Come find your safe space within yourself with Mama Troy. Your soul is calling you home. Come learn to dance with your inner child once again. We all deserve a mother's love.

Our lineage is Guru Nanak thru Guru Gobind Singh, Baba Siri Chand, Guru Goraknath, Patanjali, and so many more!

You can join all zoom & in-person classes here:

"Mama Troy Zoom Classes - Click Here"



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