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Intentionally Crafted Soap

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Anchoring Success Soap

Set your intentions on your goals and ground yourself in your accomplishments. You are the creator of your abundance and prosperity. Create it and take hold!

Balance Umbrella Soap

Protect all that you have built. Remove stress and heal that which is needed. Plant your feet firmly and securely with love and peace.

Endurance Renewal Soap

Wash away the salt of the day and glow with a second wind. Refuel & re-energize yourself and gear up for your next conquest! You are powerful and strong.

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Healthy Connections Soap

Make the time for a healthy connection with yourself, a loved one, others or even your ancestors. All aspects of the universe is constantly in motion waiting for your connection.

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Love Yourself Soap

Dive into yourself and explore all your glorious aspects. Bless yourself with love, attention and patience. You are valuable and deserving of all the beautiful things.

Tranquility & Harmony Soap

Recenter yourself and draw in the peace and serenity from the atoms around you and magnify them. Recreate your atmosphere to be beautiful and soothing.

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